Holiday time!

By Sayeh Woodman — Traditionally January is the most popular month of year to book your main holiday – however, what should be a simple task, can quickly turn into a full time mission and for many people its something they prefer someone else to take care of for them…as in such family matters, there’s no pleasing everyone!
Imagine this: You are set with the task of booking your family the perfect holiday destination.
You’re expected to fulfil everyone’s dreams and you want to create lifetime memories.
The problem is, it’s not that easy when you are faced with a list of different age ranges, various interests and energy levels from drop and flop style holiday with pure indulgence and relaxation in mind, to the other end of the scale where happiness means a fun filled, action packed, on the go all of the time activity holiday.
It can feel impossible to please everyone and sometimes the planning is far less enjoyable than you first anticipated.  What a headache hey!
So here are my top tips for a hassle free holiday experience, after speaking with a travel agent guide that was most helpful, it is generally advised anyway to choose a local travel expert who will personally help you find the right holiday.   This way, also – you always have someone to blame! Haha!
Ensure your holiday is safe.  Check your chosen travel company is 100% financially protected, no matter what.
Have a family meeting and discuss what you all want from your holiday the essentials and the extras, so you can feed this information back to your travel expert.  Be realistic about your desire versus your price range.
Sit back, relax and enjoy a hassle free service for your next holiday with the help of your travel expert.
Here are a few hot spots that seem to cater for all needs and wants when it comes to getaway…..

Gran Canaria
You’re never far from a golden sandy beach (it’s good to step out of what you’re used to in Muscat/Dubai) and with temperatures rarely dropping below 20C Gran Canaria is an all year round destination.  That proves to be a little breezier than Muscat.  Perfect for relaxing by the pool and on the beach or going wild at waterparks it ticks the boxes, when it comes to fun, pay, relaxation, food and entertainment.

A city break to Rome or Venice maybe your style, or perhaps a two centre holiday with a visit to the beautiful Italian lakes of Lake Como.  I haven’t been to the lakes, yet, but it has been advised that I visit this, especially to see a different part to Italy, compared to the likes of Rome and Venice.  Perfect for those seeking culture, beautiful beaches, and wonderful food.  Italy is a real crowd pleaser for a variety of holiday desires.
There’s always a cruise! If you want to visit lots of destinations to experience culture, relaxation, entertainment and gourmet food, then try a cruise.   With no worries about flying either.  Wake up to somewhere new every day, and do as much or as little as you please, try a lesson from a top celebrity chef, indulge in a beautiful spa or just enjoy the scenery.
Statistics state, that apparently in your lifetime you will experience 59 holidays!! Say what…that’s not a lot at all, hehe! Better get booking that holiday, and asking for time off work!