HM thanked by Kuwait, Latvia

MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has received two cables of thanks from Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jabir al Sabah, Emir of Kuwait, in reply to His Majesty’s cables of condolences on the death of Shaikh Talal Nasser al Sabah and Shaikah Anwar Faisal Al Saud al Sabah. In his cables, Shaikh Sabah expressed his utmost thanks for His Majesty the Sultan’s sincere condolences and sympathy, praying to the Almighty to protect His Majesty against all harms. His Majesty also received a cable of thanks from President Egils Levits of Latvia, in Reply to His Majesty’s cable of greetings to him on the occasion of being elected as president of his country. In his cable, President Levits expressed his utmost thanks and appreciation for His Majesty’s greetings to him and his country’s friendly people.