HM receives greetings from Fahd

MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has received a cable of greetings from His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, on the occasion of the 48th Glorious National Day. In his cable HH Sayyid Fahd said: Your Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You.
On the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Glorious National Day, it gives me the honour to express to Your Majesty, on behalf of myself and that of the Council of Ministers, the sincerest greetings and congratulations coupled with love and loyalty for Your Majesty. We appeal to Allah to maintain Your Majesty for this dear country surrounded by Allah’s care and support.
Your Majesty the Sultan,
In your Majesty’s blessed era, your Majesty has laid the foundations of the modern state. The construction march went at the best rates to include all parts of the nation and to meet the needs of society through the provision of the best services to Omani people who are always accorded with the continuous care at a society where everyone enjoys good care, equality in rights and obligations and the rule of law. Due to its stability and security, the Sultanate ranked high in the international reports the latest of which was the global competitiveness report 2018, which ranked the Sultanate on top of the list in the free from terrorism index.
Your Majesty, the Monarch of the State, In implementation of Your Majesty’s directives to continue doing our best to enhance the comprehensive development march, the government is currently implementing a number of plans and projects to achieve this through economic diversification to expand the production base, optimum use of the available resources, maximising their added value, opening more fields for investment in all sectors and activities, continuous development of the business environment, competing the major infrastructure projects, inking many trade deals with regional blocks and key countries. Accordingly, the private sector has been provided with the opportunity to play a bigger role in the national work.
These steps have been very effective in enhancing the economic stability, which reflected positively on citizens. Your Majesty the Sultan, Your Majesty’s confidence in the ability of the Omanis to take part positively with sound opinion and thought in taking the decisions is clearly evident from Your Majesty’s support to the Shura march in the Sultanate to contribute to the efforts made by the various institutions of the state in the comprehensive development witnessed by the Sultanate.
Your Majesty, the achievements during Your Majesty’s blessed era is not limited to domestic front but rather was expanded to the regional and international fronts. Your Majesty’s wisdom was appreciated by the countries of the world with regard to addressing the peace issues, giving predominance to dialogue and supporting security and stability.
The Sultanate, under Your Majesty’s wise leadership and its fixed policies, has received praise and appreciation. The Sultanate has become a host for negotiations and coordination to reach the optimum solutions to end dispute and ensure peaceful coexistence among nations and bring welfare to everyone.
Your Majesty’s interests also expanded to include preserving environment and natural resources on Earth and to ensure sustainability for the future generations.
As an appreciation for the importance of Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environment Protection, the United National Education, Scientific and Culture Organization (Unesco) decided to continue presenting this award for the next six years. This reflects the status earned by the Sultanate due to its constructive contribution to serve humanity.
Your Majesty the Sultan, as part of Your Majesty’s keenness to maintain the development march in the country and achieve the highest performance rate, the Council of Ministers is always guided by your Majesty’s Royal and noble directives to carry out its responsibilities and follow-up the progress made in implementing the programmes to reach suitable and positive rates for growth.
On this dear occasion for people of Oman, Your Council of Ministers pledge Your Majesty to be more determined and persistent to continue this good march in all walks of life guided by Your Majesty’s enlightened thought and wise vision.
May Allah maintain your Majesty a victorious leader and ensure many happy returns of this occasion while Your Majesty is enjoying good health, welfare and a long life.  — ONA