History will remember this Omani epic…

The heroism shown by people of this wonderful country during the recent tropical situation faced by the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta, is an epic which history will always remember.
The tropical situation failed to sweep away the strong will of the people of these two governorates.
They are a best example of sacrifice for the nation so that it will always remain safe and secured.
Their heroism would be written in the history of Omani epic in golden letters. This was not a surprise.
This is what the people of this country do while dealing with major challenges like storms, hurricanes, cyclones and other tropical situations.
This is why these disastrous calamities do not scare us despite their severity and brutality.
These threatening situations are smaller than the resolve, will and confidence of the people of the country.
These are Omani values deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of the people of the country.
It is found in their life, inherited from their elders.
This is an upbringing under the patronage of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos since the blessed Renaissance.
He always wanted that the people of the country should have one heart which loves their country. The country should be on top of any other consideration. This is what is proved during difficult situations.
People of the country and its organisations remain united and never hesitated in making sacrifices.
The recent heroic moments seen by the country has shown the real gold mine among the sons of the soil.
It proved that every part of the country has this wealth of bravery.
In the fierceness, the tropical situation was so strong and violent that it did not spare anything.
We and the entire world saw how Oman, its youth, both men and women, appeared as if they have one heart.
The storm came and swept away every thing but failed to even touch the strong will and resolve of the people of the country. This looked like an epic.
This was a real ground test. This showed what the country has stored as its real wealth.
This was the time when the consistent efforts made over many years are tested.
The Sultan’s Armed Forces, Public Authority of Civil Defence, Public Authority of Civil Aviation, meteorology department and other government organisations have participated in relief and rescue operations.
They managed the entire situation. All organisations played their role responsibly and effectively.
Media played a major role in covering the tropical situation.
It did not allow rumours to create any doubt about the efforts made by the agencies.
It disseminated every single detail of the situation with high level of transparency.
It gave a clear picture to the viewer and reader, as if they themselves were facing this tropical situation.
This is the credibility and objectivity of the media which makes it successful in dealing with such situations.
When the real moment came, we saw united efforts, well-coordinated actions and initiatives.
This is the response which made the Sultanate better than any other country.
This is why the tropical situation could not cause the level of damage, destruction and losses as it did in America.
Mekunu failed in its destruction in front of the resolve of the brave men of Oman.
The agencies concerned will carry out detailed study of the post-cyclone situation. They will highlight the strengths and capabilities so that the process of preparations, development and improvement continues, as has been the clear guidance of His Majesty the Sultan.