Hiring 25,000 Omanis goes electronic

All procedures have been taken to employ 25,000 job-seekers electronically so that no employee can interfere with the process, said the Public Authority for Manpower Register (PAMR). The Ministry of Manpower, in coordination with the companies, will set the dates and places for interviews for the applicants. PAMR will send an SMS to the applicants notifying them about the interviews. A number of job-seekers will be recruited directly through the ministry depending on the information available in the PAMR database.

Yahya bin Mohammed al Battashi, Director, Units Affairs at PAMR, said a job-seeker can log on to the PAMR website on employment to view his/her information and the number of applicants for the job. Job-seekers can opt for another job if he/she finds too many applications for the same job. According to statements made by officials, the recruitment process for 25,000 job-seekers will continue until the end of May 2018, which constitutes the first phase of employment. The private sector will employ 22,000 job-seekers and the remaining 4,000 by the government, said Al Battashi. — ONA