Hiking the scenic path of Al Bustan

For hiking enthusiasts looking for an amazing trail within Muscat to visit, you don’t have to travel far to get your hiking fix as the Al Bustan trail, an often overlooked option, offers you plenty of view and several peaks to explore.
Last Friday, I decided to invite my nephew to come with me and check out one of the places that is in my “Travel Inspiration” folder. I’ve seen a few photos of the Al Bustan peak and living but a stones throw away, I thought I finally give it a chance.
Suffice to say, I’ve come to discover that it is one the most beautiful hiking places to discover. Not only did I capture amazing photos but the view from one of the peaks is truly exhilarating.
It was actually Bashar’s first time to hike with me. Even in summer, a morning hike is easy to do. Departing at 5:30 in the morning, I estimated to complete the walk before 8am when it’s just beginning to get hot.
The Al Bustan peak we went to seldom sees hikers or people. The first 20 minutes was easy but midway, without any shade and the sun appearing early before 7 am, it got a little bit exhausting.
But reaching the mountaintop makes you forget about the exhaustion. From where we were, I can see where the ocean meets the land and where the water disappears into the horizon. The picturesque outlines of houses and gardens below make up for an inspiring view.
As a person who loves sunrise and sunsets, it was the perfect place to be. Being on amazing location like it awakens my creativity.
The trail, as predicted, took more than two hours to complete. As Bashar’s first hike, he managed to do pretty well so the trail can definitely be recommended to those just starting to embrace hiking. It can be visited anytime during the day but I highly recommend to make sure that you are fit enough to do the long walk. Besides, whenever you are out in nature, you don’t know what challenges you might face even if mine was easy.
As a parting gift, when you do hikesits always better to stop asking about the details of the destination or the obstacles along the way. Personally, I usually just focus on the journey and no longer fear the unknown knowing that things are meant to happen as they should — dreams fulfilled and stars or the sun eventually rising to a new day. But the joy is always in the find.