Highlighting youth’s creativity

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The Omani Society of Photography (OSP) launched yesterday the exhibition of new members’ photos and the youth photography contest at the headquarters of Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science.
The exhibition includes 39 photos of 35 photographers who have joined the society last year. A special committee was responsible for evaluating the works of the photographers which provides all the assistance needed to the new members to encourage them to give their best. The committee held several sessions to assess their works to enhance the productivity of members.
On the sidelines of this exhibit, OSP also opens the exhibit of the youth photography contest that was launched in August last year targeting all the Omani youth for the age group under 15 and under 20 years old.
The competition aims to highlight the creativity of youth in the world of photography and to encourage them to move forward to serve the Omani photography scene and to show the aesthetics of light in a unique way.
Three hundred fifty-nine photographers in the category of under 20 years old participated in the competition and around 30 photos were selected for 19 male and female photographers. In the category of under the age of 15, 257 participants were selected. Twenty-one photos of 13 photographers were exhibited.
The winners of the contest were awarded yesterday. In the category of under 20 years old, the first place went to Hanan al Asmia, while the second place was awarded to Abdullah al Ruzaiqi and the third place went to Abdulbari al Bandari. Hassan al Ghilani and Ahmed al Riyami won the honourable awards.
In the category of under 15 years old, the first place went to Umaimah al Odwania, the second to Inas al Zadjalia and the third place went to Hayat al Balushia. Osama al Ruzaiqi and Al Mamoon al Siyabi won the honourable awards.
The exhibition will run till March 2, 2017.