Heels @ Wheels

Lots of women believe they are treated differently at auto-repair shops. At the repair shops, men are more likely to get what they are really looking for, while women are often tricked into spending more money. Most of the time, the additional work the women are paying for is not even done.
Mercedes Benz recently launched the first initiative for women to stress on the importance of safety. The initiative gives women a chance to broaden their knowledge about vehicle servicing or repair.
In this context, women are asked to learn the basics of car service to avoid getting duped by fraudulent garages that only target their money.
Experts from the company taught women how to change engine oil and filter, how to check and fill the washer fluid, tyres, brakes among other basics. To ensure the safety of children, the attendants were also taught to install child car seats properly.
Maintenance experts in the company described an incident in which a woman’s car broke down with her two kids in the vehicle. They said she had no idea what to do. They believe, in such situations, knowing the basics of car maintenance would foster confidence in women and lead to increased safety on the road.
“Women play a big role in deciding which car they own and where they can get it repaired,” they said. “Traditionally, women are not involved in vehicle repairs, but this is rapidly changing now.”
There are now examples of Omani women working as mechanics. If trained, women would grasp the concept very quickly, and become very successful in this field. Women should not be shy, maintenance experts say, to ask what services will be performed on their vehicles — what oil to be used, what the best option is and whether the tyres really need to be changed.
At the workshop, female attendants were asked to check tyres and change them when there is an uneven wear, cracks caused by heat, flat spots, or a manufacturing defect. Tyres should be replaced every year or two and have them rotated based on the manufacturer’s advice, which can be found in the owner’s manual. They were also taught how to check the oil based on its colour and thickness.

Mai al Abria