Heavy rains in parts of Oman as trough moves from east to west

Muscat: Wadi Sahtan flowed in a rush on Friday and others are expected too, as the trough from Iran move in from west to east bringing in rains all across Al Hajr Mountain chain and the adjoining areas.

Thunderstorm advisorsy from Oman Met Office had been alerted for Ibra, Saiq, Ibri, Nizwa and Buraimi.

According to Oman Net Office the areas that received rains on Friday were from North Al Batinah to Northern Sharqiyah.  Heavy rains were reported in Shinas, Rostaq, areas.  As of Friday afternoon the rains were over the nountains in Dakhiliya governorate, but later it is expected to reach NIzwa, Al Hamra and other wilayats.

The wadis are expected to overflow, pointed out the weather forecaster at Oman Met Office, Public Authority of Civil Aviation.

“On Saturday and Sunday rains are expected in the Musandam governorate,” said the weather expert.

The weather forecast states that there are chances of forming cumulus clouds and sporadic rains and at times with thunderstorms continued on the Hajar Mountains and the adjacent areas, as well as Musandam Governorate.

The weather pattern is also expected to extend to parts of the coast of the Oman Sea on the evening of Friday night and on Saturday and Sunday as well.

The met office has asked the public to practice caution due to poor visibility (horizontal visibility) during thunderstorm rain and fog formations as well as strong downdraft wind during thunderstorms rain.

The weather forecast also stated that there is a chance of late night to early morning low level clouds or fog patches formations along coastal areas of Oman Sea and Arabian Sea.

Along the coastal areas of Oman Sea Winds will be easterly to northeasterly light to moderate during the day becoming variable light at night, and along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea winds will be southwesterly moderate to fresh, while over rest of the sultanate winds will be easterly to Southeasterly light to moderate.

The sea id expected to be moderate to rough along the Arabian Sea coasts with maximum wave height of 2.5 meters and slight along rest of the Sultanate coasts with maximum wave height of 1.25 meter.