Health ‘Vision 2040’ aspires to build a healthy society

Salalah: The General Directorate of Health Services in Dhofar and the General Directorate for Planning and Studies held a crucial meeting to discuss preparedness for the 10th five-year plan (2021-2025) in the health sector and took an overview of the current situation.

The meeting took note of the facilities that need upgrades as well as new features to streamline the healthcare system to cater to the overall health needs.

About 73 participants from the Directorate participated in the meeting remotely ensuring ongoing precautionary measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Walid al Nadabi from the General Director of Planning and Studies at the Ministry of Health explained about the reasons for the review of the healthcare system and said it was part of the National Vision 2040, which aspires for an international healthcare system by setting up a culture of a sustainable healthy society that means ‘health is everyone’s responsibility’.

“The idea is to create a health system that is decentralised, transparent, quality-oriented, fair and accountable… it should be diversified with sustainable funding for guaranteed the best possible health system,” he said.

Intending to boost research and development, the plan aims to create cadres for national health in the field of scientific research and innovation, in addition to creating systems for medical and technical services and a high quality curative and preventive healthcare service at all levels.


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