Health tips for Haj pilgrims

Muscat, Aug 6 – With the advent of the Haj season, pilgrims have been advised to take some health precautions for the smooth conduct of their religious duties. The Saudi Ministry of Health has come out with some tips to follow before and during the pilgrimage. Pilgrims have been asked to drink plenty of fluids (water, juices) to avoid sunstrokes. Avoid prolonged exposure in the sun and use umbrella when necessary. Light-coloured umbrellas are recommended. Pilgrims have been asked not to physically strain themselves. Get sufficient sleep after performing each ritual. Wear loose-fitting and light-coloured clothes.

During Haj, pilgrims would have to walk up to 30 km. Therefore, it is important to exercise before embarking on the pilgrimage. When shaving or having a haircut, follow instructions to protect yourself against deadly diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, and HIV. They are: choose the right barber, don’t go to a roadside barber and use a single-use razor. Ask barber to wash hands properly with soap and water before shaving or cutting hair. Using own razors and not sharing the same with others is the best way to protect oneself against deadly diseases.

Mai al Abria