Health panel discusses ways to check mosquito menace

SALALAH, Feb 9 – The Health Committee of Salalah held its first meeting for the current year under the chairmanship of Shaikh Salem bin Mubarak al Shanfari, Financial Affairs and Planning Adviser to the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar. The committee put stress on anti-mosquito drive and assured that no serious cases of mosquito-borne diseases were reported in the governorate. Al Shanfari, however, resolved the committee’s resolve to continue regular drive against mosquitoes.  Members of the Health Committee, who are drawn from various government and private institutions, raised health issues in the governorate, as Dr Khalid al Mushekhi, Director General of Health Service in Dhofar, took note of all the suggestions.
Al Shanfari, who is also the Chairman of the Health Committee, laid stress on health services and exhorted the committee members to keep up the good work by identifying the issues and resolving them as soon as possible. The efforts taken in past to improve the health services in the governorate, according to Al Shanfari, were quite visible and praiseworthy. “Still we need to keep up the good work and keep updated as new developments keep on happening in health sector every moment.” He also took note of recommendations made during previous meetings and assured the committee members that there would be regular follow up and implementation of recommendations made by the previous committees.
The committee also discussed various activities and programmes approved in the governorate. The Directorate General of Health Services in Dhofar submitted an action plan to check mosquito menace in close co-operation with other government and non-government functionaries.