Haya Water completes commissioning works of STP new expansion in Al Jabal Al Akhdar

MUSCAT: Haya Water has recently completed the commissioning works of the expansion of the STP project in Saih Qutenna in Al Jabal Al Akhdar with total capacity of up to 600 m3/day. This expansion is necessary due to the urban population boom in the region. This includes the construction of modern housing units, resorts, hotels and other vital facilities.
Saud bin Nasser al Shithani, Sr Manager, Operation and Maintenance, in Haya Water spoke about this project: “The commissioning works of the new expansion of the STP in Saih Qutenna in Al Jabal Al Akhdar were completed during last November.
The STP was designed and implemented using the latest technologies in the field of wastewater treatment.
The aim is to produce high quality treated water in conformity with the Omani environmental specifications and standard specifications and category (a) set by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.
The project also included a special unit that receives yellow sewage tankers”.
Al Shithani added: “We are currently utilising treated water produced by this STP to irrigate some crops and carry on reforestation works in the area.
The project also provides an opportunity to connect more existing or newly constructed houses that are located near to the wastewater network.
It is worth mentioning that due to the remarkable tourism growth in the region, Haya Water has connected various facilities, hotels and resorts to the same wastewater network.
There is no doubt that such projects contribute directly to the protection of groundwater and the environment, as well”.
It should be noted that Haya Water signed an agreement with Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in mid-July of last year.
The agreement states that Haya Water shall be responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of all wastewater facilities in all governorates except Dhofar and also supervises all implemented wastewater projects.
Since then, the company has developed temporary plans and proposals until the completion of a long-term master plan for the governorates outside Muscat.
The Master Plan for the governorates is supposed to be completed during the next year.
The company is currently evaluating the proposed solutions and work on specific STPs where the surrounding areas are witnessing a steady population growth. — ONA