Haya Water completes Al Buraimi STP expansion

MUSCAT: Haya Water continues to carry on the works of wastewater expansion projects. The company has recently completed the trial operation of Al Buraimi STP expansion project (phase 2) with an additional capacity of about 2,000 m3/ day, in addition to the existing STP in Al Buraimi Governorate which has a capacity of 3,000 m3/ day.
The total capacity after the expansion is estimated to be nearly 5,000 m3/ day. The new STP is designed according to the current needs of the wilayat, taking into consideration the population growth and urban development that the wilayat will witness in the future.
Saud bin Nasser bin Hamoud al Shaithani, Sr Manager, Operation & Maintenance — Outside Muscat Projects stated that the new expansion works of Al Buraimi STP and associated facilities were completed last month.
This expansion included the addition of a special unit that separates the oils before the wastewater arrives to the main unit. The project also includes a special unit that receives the wastewater carried by sewage tankers.
Al Shithani added that after the project was completed, the company started receiving house connection applications to wastewater network.
Moreover, Haya Water would like to inform all residents who wish to connect their properties to the wastewater service to contact Haya Water call centre on: 80077111.
Haya Water, since it took over the responsibilities of the operation and maintenance of wastewater services, has developed plans to improve and increase the efficiency of the networks, pumping stations and STPs.