Haya Water and Target sign agreement

Haya Water has signed a contract with Target LLC, a premier contracting company operating in the GCC. The contract aims to provide both sewer and treated effluent (TE) networks to the upcoming Oman Botanic Garden and the Old Al Khoudh village.
The agreement was signed on behalf of Haya Water by Mohsin bin Mohammed al Shaikh, Chairman of Muscat Municipality and Haya Water, and Ghassan Shammas, General Manager of Target LLC.
Hussain bin Hassan AbdulHussain, Haya Water CEO, said, “RO 7.794 million worth contract will provide sewer connection to 435 plots in Al Khoudh village. On commissioning, this project will also provide 1,600 m3/day of treated waste water to this area and it can be increased to as high as 6,500 m3/day depending on the demand of Oman Botanical Garden and other green parks and farms in Al Khoudh village.”
Hussain added that in order to execute this project, the area will be surveyed, designed and connected through a sewer network of HDPE pipes, manholes and chambers along with the TE Network. Moreover, the broad scope of this project includes 36 km for sewer network, about 7 km of TE Network and a new TE pump station with an upgrade of an existing TE pump station.
He confirmed that the sewage received from this area will be treated at the Haya Water Manuma STP which is considered one of the largest STPs owned and operated by Haya Water. The treated waste will be supplied to this project area from Manuma STP.
AbdulHussain added that this project will be executed and closely supervised by a team of Haya Water engineers. The team will be responsible to deliver the project in 24 months especially considering the difficult mountainous terrain, hard rocky area, wadi and various other service facilities through which the network is required to be constructed and commissioned.