Hawiyat Najm Park, the perfect place for a family getaway

Qurayat is ranked one of the most beautiful tourism spot in Muscat governorate. Hawiyat Najm Park is classified as one of the main draw for most visitors in Qurayat which is located along the costal side.
Hawiyat Najm Park is also called ‘Bimmah Sinkhole”, it literally means ‘Meteor Fall Park’. Since the development and beautification process, it has become a very popular destination for visitors and tourists who head there to see the unique formation.

The site offers a great opportunity for the visitors to practice swimming in the deep water, others prefer to roam around the park and enjoy their picnics and barbecues.
Tourism sources have said “the sinkhole occurred naturally due to limestone erosion and the collapse of the rocks forming what you see. Apparently the sinkhole is also connected to the sea through an underground tunnel, which may explain the unique colour of the water”.
Many tourists, especially European visitors who travelled to spend their festive holidays in the Sultanate arranged a special trip to visit this exceptional spot. “Yet, we have been to many places around the Sultanate. The sinkhole is one of our preferable places to spend in the rest of our day tour. However, the park must to be developed.
There is no restaurant, café shop or any small shop where one could buy the necessaries. This site also should have a professional rescue team.
We have seen many kids swimming while they do not have an enough swimming skills. And their parents have been busy with their relatives and acquaintances. In addition, the toilets are in a very bad situation. This might spoil the tourism reputation of the site”.
During the week end the site also hosts many of Omani families’ especially during the evening period. The absence of the vital services forced many people to change their destination, a local told Observer yesterday. The official authorities should give this site some priority and put it in the top of the development list, he added.

Text & photos by Yahya Al salmani