Happiness is when you make someone else happy

Lakshmi Kothaneth-
lakshmiobserver@gmail.com –

Having a meeting at a wonderful open air space right in the middle of the garden on World Happy Day was a delight, and so was it to watch little birds rushing in for a bit of shade and flying back to the plants tweeting.
Then there was this black and white cat that was doing its job as the meet and greet receptionist every time someone new stepped in. It was her way of saying, “I am here and you may feed me.”
After acknowledgment she would occupy a new place of comfort it could be a chair or floor. Curling up on the cushion or stretching out on the marble floor she would set her eyes to faraway distance and soon find it hard to keep her eyes open.
As she could not resist shutting her eyes, the next time I took a break to check on her she was fast asleep. They call it a catnap. And why not?
I learnt a lot from this cat.
She was polite. Maybe because she knew she was sure her next meal will come to her. She had trust in humans. But she did not take anything for granted because she made sure
we saw her and understood that she was ready if we were willing to share food. She had her dignity in knowing that life is good.
I wondered what she would do on Fridays when the place is not open. I am sure she has her means and
probably that is when she practices her hunting skills.
Attitude is everything they say and this cat had it in right balance. She also balanced the stress level with ease. Maybe a bit too comfortable, but that is how cats are! They have immense confidence. But this beauty was not taking that too for granted.
And where a cat can be that comfortable you know there are lot of good people around. Just then one of the restaurant staff came around happily clearing off another table and spoke to the cat — “Get ready it is mutton
biryani today.”
I almost thought I saw an eyebrow lift but I was sure I could see contentment on her face.
Why not? It is the World Happiness Day on March 20. It is a movement for a happier day.
The Action of Happiness pledge states — ‘I will try to create more happiness in the world around me.’
The poster on the website asked — ‘what have you done recently that made someone happy or to help others? An interesting thought
because I was with the founder member of friends of animals called Tiger by Tail, Jaison M.
He had been talking about a group of friends carry on helping stray cats and take injured animals for treatment. The birds are released to nature while many cats and some of the dogs get adopted and go through the transformation from streets to home.
I sat there reflecting on how wonderful it is to take time from busy schedules for an act of kindness.
Meanwhile there are two people out there, Nawaf Salem al Suleimani and Halmi Hilal al Kindy, who have chosen to walk for three days in the month of March to convey a message — Let’s care for water.’
The beauty of these two kind gestures is that they put others before them. Their priorities are dynamic as it includes others. There is a concern which includes more than mankind. There is an inclusion of nature and the universe is then as a whole unit.
Very often we brush aside issues that are wider than our personal horizon by saying it is not our concern. But there have been always been people with causes and will continue to be there as long as there is hope. Giving hope is one of the best gifts one can give to others. But when it comes to happiness it has to come from within us.
Many a time we think it is the end that is going to make us happy. And it never comes because probably we can never be happy with materialistic things or what we want to achieve because there is always something new.
The secret formula to a moment of happiness is when you make someone else happy — it is a high that can always be cherished. So if there is a moment when you feel heavy and low just stand up and help someone.
As jaison says, “Animals cannot say thank you but they do so silently. The silent blessings are more powerful than anything else.”