Hail Al Khanabisha known for nice weather, fruits

Yanqul: Hail Al Khanabisha village in the Wilayat of Yanqul in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah is about 65 km from the centre of the wilaya.
It is one of the beautiful villages blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year.
The weather is mild in summer and cold in winter.
There are many villages that are surrounded by mountains and dotted with mountainous trees like Al Sidr (Ziziphus spina-christi), Al Sumr (Vachellia tortilis) and other wild species.
The village still retains its nature and its citizens are keen to preserve the ancient Omani heritage.
It is also famous for the cultivation of many agricultural crops, especially the date palm trees, which are grown in the large farms of the village.
Khamis bin Saif al Khanbashi, Chief of Hail Al Khanabisha, locally called “Rasheed”, said the village is full of many agricultural crops, most notably grapes dates, figs and pomegranates.
He added that the village is also famous for the existence of archaeological sites, especially Hail Al Khanabisha Fort, which attracts many tourists.
Al Khanbashi said the village has witnessed the implementation of several road projects.
Mohammed bin Amer al Khanbashi, a citizen of Hail Al Khanabisha, said that the village enjoys a beautiful nature, with trees and crops, such as mango, lemon and Al Sidr. He said that the village is witnessing tourist traffic throughout the year as it is located at the junction of roads linking Al Dhahirah, North Al Batinah and Al Buraimi. This may be the reason why it is called Yanqul, which means moving from one place to another.
He said that the valley also has running water throughout the year, especially when the wadis flow after rainfall, and the village depends on Aflaj “ancient irrigation system or water channels” in irrigation.
The Wilayat of Yanqul is located in the eastern part of the Governorate of Al Dhahirah.
It is bordered on the south and eastern sides by the Wilayat of Ibri, on the western side by the Wilayat of Dhank in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah and the Wilayat of Al Buraimi in the Governorate of Al Buraimi, and on the north by the Wilayat of Suhar in the Governorate of North Al Batinah. — ONA