Habib Sabah wins Second Oman Snooker Open

Muscat: On the final day of the Second Oman Snooker Open it was quite clear the game was pretty much in the control of Habib Sabah, Bahrain’s national champion. From the hosts, a confident Taha Basheer spearheaded the challenge.
“It was an exciting tournament because there were experienced payers from Oman, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries so it was tough and exciting.  Every match is different but I think the sessions from the quarterfinals were not easy,” said the winner of the tournament Habib Sabah.
“It has been an amazing experience.  It was a different environment and it brought together the snooker players in Oman.  Such tournaments will motivate others to come and play again and especially motivate oneself to be a better player. Habib Sabah is known as one of the best players in the Arab region. Him being here has motivated us too,” said Taha Basheer of Oman who took the second place in the tournament.
“The final was tough knowing that I was playing against one of the best players.  I am really proud that I had the opportunity to play with him.  It was a tough match but I really enjoyed it,” added Taha.
The officials of the tournament are already looking forward to the next event.  According to them the tournament is a good achievement as there were more than 60 players of different nationalities.
“I was very glad to see that everyone is happy on the final day.  I would like to congratulate Omani players for reaching the finals and putting up a good show and looking forward to the next tournament in 2019. And hopefully many more Omani players would be highlighted next year,” said the Chairman of Oman Billiard and Snooker Association, Khalid Khalfan al Subhi.
According to Ahmed Basheer al Khusaibi, Board Member of Oman Billiard and Snooker Association, “The learning experience has been that there are clubs in Oman with excellent facilities – snooker and billiard tables.  So there is an opportunity for players to practice, participate and improve their games.”