Guides learn self-reliance, cooking in Nizwa camp

NIZWA, Jan 21 – The Hafsa bint Omar School Guides Unit has set up an outdoor camp as part of its preparations for the local evaluation of Scouts and Guidance Excellence Competition in the Directorate of Education in Al Dakhiliyah.
The camp was held in the presence of Safia bint Salim al Kindi, the school’s principal. The camp saw cadets receiving training in cooking as well as implementation of awareness activities for parents.
Ovens and stoves were used in the camp. The commander of the unit explained the functioning of the oven, a fireplace made of clay and stones. Four types of ovens were built.
Guide Manar al Yaarbi said: “I learnt about self-reliance and traditional cooking methods. I learnt how to use materials available in nature to overcome difficult situations.”