Growth at best rates

The Sultanate today is celebrating the 48th National Day of the country. While Oman Daily Observer and its sister publications at the Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising join the citizens and residents to extend sincere greetings and congratulations to His Majesty, we also pray to the Almighty to continue bestowing the blessings upon the country’s beloved leader. For the last 48 years, the people of Oman have been the focus of His Majesty’s attention in all development plans and programmes whether it is education, healthcare, employment, social training or culture. And his efforts have borne fruit all over the country.

His Majesty himself is satisfied with the efforts and growth in all sectors. This was evident from his speech at the recent meeting of the Council of Ministers at Bait Al Barakah. He is keen that the government continues with the development march in all parts of the country to maintain both economic and social welfare of the citizens. At the meeting, he also expressed his appreciation for the “remarkable growth in various sectors, such as tourism, fisheries, mining and renewable energy to diversify sources of national income”.
One of the milestone achievements this year has been the launch of commercial operations of the new Muscat International Airport.
His Majesty, as he did before, also reiterated the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors so that it could greatly contribute in setting up production projects that will lead to generation of more job opportunities for the nationals.
The Ministry of Manpower, in cooperation with the private sector, has provided jobs to 33,302 Omanis during the period from December 3, 2017 to July 11, 2018.
Oman’s Ninth Five-Year Development Plan, which is in its third year, attaches great importance to diversifying the sources of income, including enhancing the role of the private sector to further improve the business environment and accelerate the implementation of privatisation programmes.
The focus is also on the development of small and medium enterprises, besides sectors such as manufacturing, transport, logistics, tourism, fisheries and mining.
The government is currently implementing a number of plans and projects to achieve economic diversification to expand the production base.
These include optimum use of the available resources, maximising their added value and opening up more sectors for investment. To achieve these goals, a number of agreements have been signed with regional and global indigenous players.
At the domestic level, developing the Armed Forces was a priority for him as he realised that security and stability are necessary conditions and a priority in nation-building. His Majesty is also very keen on preserving environment and natural resources on earth and ensure sustainability for the future generations.
The achievements of the Sultanate are not limited to domestic front but expanded to the regional and international fronts.
The Sultanate has been ranked high in many global rankings with the latest being the global competitiveness report 2018, which rated the country on top of the list on the ‘free from terrorism’ index.
Since his accession to the throne in 1970, His Majesty has adopted a clear policy based on peace, tolerance and cooperation among nations.
Oman has become a host for negotiations and coordination to reach the optimum solutions to end dispute and ensure peaceful coexistence among nations and bring welfare to everyone. No doubt, it is under the gracious guidance, vision and efforts of His Majesty that the Sultanate could achieve prosperity and strengthen its position as a modern state on the world stage.
May Allah the Almighty help His Majesty maintain good health to continue with the noble mission of ensuring the welfare of the citizens and the homeland.