Greetings to the masked world

There is a plethora of numbers and figures floating around us currently and especially the teen digit attached to the alphabet C keeps being repeated in various statistics dimensions.

The familiarity of the pandemic situation is bringing in the division of no, not have and have nots but the pendulum is swinging between the fearless and the fearful of Covid_19.

For many it is just another virus and they believe their immunity is strong enough to tackle the virus.  On the other hand the health experts continue to urge everyone to be cautious.  The Minister of Health had said behave as if everyone has the symptoms.  Meanwhile the fearful ones continue to worry about every symptom that pops up (even though it is summer) is related to Covid.

In the midst of all this health care providers have also been affected by Covid_19 and have joined the statistics.

When there are so many numbers floating around and officials warn that the Sultanate has not reached the peak the unanimous sentiment is that we must move forward and thus the new theme has come forward from Health Authorities titled Oman to Recovery.

While all this is going on, it was surprising to come across that old familiar SMS message, “Congratulations!  Your number has been chosen to be the winner..”  Did not want to read the rest of the message as I could imagine what it would say.   There have been fake ids on social media platforms and business proposals that have been doing the rounds since we all began to swim in the digital world but it is interesting to note that it has been business as usual for those who have found this stream as their profession.

You see nothing really changed for them because while rest of the world are trying to cross over to the digital world to survive by existing online and learn about new model of doing business once Covid_19 took over the lifestyle and economy of the world the afore mentioned experts did not have to go through much work wise as they had always existed in this domain of cyberspace.  And it is about time we knew how to stay clear of these potential traps of the virtual world.

If we had been thinking of changes due to global warming, Covid_19 did all the changes with the snap of a finger.  And if what the experts says about vaccine is true and it could take longer to get a remedy and bounce back to normalcy, then it is best we live with an understanding and reduce the fear and panic but be cautious.

Every problem must have a solution and if up until now vaccines were the solution maybe it is time for us to think out of the box.

But for now it is interesting to observe this globe with multitude of cultures have one common element in attire no matter what is your national dress and that is the mask.

Today we have become the masked world and this will go down in history too.  Let the masked world stay united and come up with a perfect solution – by removing the deficiency in humanity and enhancing immunity.  Let people and all living beings live fearlessly not just about Covid_19, but knowing that no one will violate their dignity and right to live with food security and health with right to education amongst others.