Green Innovation ECO-Thon now accepts applications

To achieve the Group’s Sustainability objectives, Nama Group, in collaboration with the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), have officially launched the youth initiative; Green Innovation ECO-Thon. The programme aims at supporting youth in providing innovative solutions on environmental issues through projects, applications and systems related to the fourth industrial revolution. The ECO-Thon is targeting 100 students from colleges and universities to work on innovative solutions comprising applications, software and projects.
The event will mainly focus on three themes: i) waste management (reducing waste, recycling, up-cycling, waste-to-energy innovations), ii) carbon capture and alternatives (smart transportation, carbon capture through plants, renewable energy sources as alternatives) and iii) energy and water efficiency (on campus) in addition to other innovative themes. Students are requested to use any platform or framework to configure their applications, software and projects.
Ghada Al Yousef, Executive Manager, Group Communication & Sustainability at Nama Group, said: “The environmental pillar is one of the three pillars of Nama Group’s sustainability policy. Through our operations and projects, related to Nama social responsibility, we aim to achieve common objectives that are in line with the Sultanate’s goals and the global environmental orientation. We also contribute to empowering the Omani youth by providing them with the tools required to employ artificial intelligence and its applications in the environmental aspects. At Nama Group, we pursuing the creation of a comprehensive methodology, engaging investors from the private sector to build sustainable projects.”
The 3-day event’s agenda will begin from 17 to 19 October 2019 with presentations given by community experts, discussing local environmental challenges.
The speakers will share their expertise, inspire participants, and get them prepared to be innovative and able to ideate real environmental solutions. A full-day ECO-Thon will commence after that as participants’ ideas will be judged based on feasibility, scalability, economic value, level of innovation, environmental applicability, and whether the solution is locally inspired and sustainable. The event will then draw to a close with a concluding exhibition for participants to present their ideas for an opportunity to connect with potential investors. This is with relevance to Nama Group’s strategy to promote a business-integrated framework on environment conservation in coordination with key government and investment institutions to sustain the Omani youth’s potentials in project management.
Ms. Dareen Mehdi Jaaffar, Board Member of ESO said, “The 3-day all-encompassing experience will provide participants with an intensive, full-cycle activity focused on developing innovative solutions for an environmentally sustainable Oman. We will continue working closely with all our partners towards creating an ecosystem in the Sultanate that fosters innovation and promotes a culture of environmentally-conscious people across all communities.”
The project is now accepting applications, until 30 September 2019, at from students, whether individually or in teams, looking to tackle environmental challenges in the Sultanate.