Graffiti artists paint the festival red!


A visual treat to the spectators’ senses in the form of graffiti was an incentive to those who visited Amerat Park Muscat Festival venue.
The art feast and an answer to one’s inner calling to draw or create a wall script or to those who loved graphic art, organised by the Omani-Spanish Friendship Society in cooperation with the Cultural Committee of the Omani Cultural Association, drew people in large numbers, especially on a weekend.
At the Muscat Festival ground in Amerat Park, any amateur or professional artist can hold a brush or pencil and draw what he wants on the walls which are specially designed for graffiti.
“The objective of this event is to create an artistic platform for local young people who are creative in this form of art, and to bring it to the attention of the society, to introduce this art form to them, and to draw the attention of officials to allocate more spaces for young people interested in this art,” said Baqer Abdel Raza, an avid fan of graffiti.
The participants were registered before they could draw and no graffiti drawing was allowed outside the small tent. After the graffitis were drawn, there is an assessment of the participants and their drawings, which must adhere to the customs and values of the country.
“About the graffiti art”, he said: “It symbolises a certain message which has developed its idea from the days of stone ages in the caves, has been pursued by a lot of people around the world.”
This form of art has become a must on the walls as decorations of hotels and houses, cafes and clubs in many countries.
“The graffiti artist cannot paint in a public place and leave his mark so it is unknown or famous like the rest of the plastic artists. Here comes our role in allocating a space for the artistic creations for them to highlight their talents and encourage them for more brilliance and creativity.”
He further said that graphic art is basically a technical talent of the artist, but it also needs concentration, deduction and thorough study, especially in how to use sprays and composition and the use of colours in a professional and attractive way.
A number of visitors were seen going in and out of the tent, some just witnessed the art while some really tried their hand in the art
“As a first experience, we are happy with what we see from the admiration of the visitors and asking us about every little thing about this art which has begun to attract a large group of young people”, says Raza.
In another corner of the festival one can meet artist Hussein Ali al Ameri from Izqi, where he took a place for his beautiful drawings and a table above which all kinds of spray colors used are displayed. What makes Hussein different from other artists is that he dried his paintings through flame or fire, a modern and innovative way to dry the paintings. He just draws paintings and flashes flames on them.
“I started experimenting graphic painting since childhood on the walls first and deformed the walls of my house in Izki”, Hussein laughs.
“But today, I paint on canvas and I’ve come a long way, they say. I feel I have developed my talent from where it was and where it is now”, he pointed at the lively images born out of his brush strokes.
For the Sultanate, this form of art, both graphic and graffiti hold a bright future and more local artists will come forward, according to the organisers.