Graduates dreaming of training opportunity

Getting a job is becoming challenging. Not many job opportunities and the number of graduates is increasing every year. Hence, securing a job is never easy and having a degree is not enough to make your dream come true. Unfortunately, job-seeking is becoming an irritating headache for most graduates.
Having a first-hand experience is very essential for all graduates as they leave high school armed only with theories and educational degrees. What they need is real-life-experience that helps them get a job faster. Those who were lucky to get a training opportunity might get priority to be employed. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me I forget, teach me I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Today, the competition for getting a good job is still on. Each graduate has to be more qualified than the others in order to win the race. Going to a college or a university is essential of course, but classroom learning can be endorsed by gaining real experience. Here comes the significance of internship opportunities that undergraduates look for. It’s the internship experience that distinguishes the graduates’ competency from each other.
Internship is a gateway for undergraduates towards getting a job quickly after graduation. It enriches their knowledge and interpersonal skills. As practice makes one perfect, both undergraduates and graduates are in need of training and internship opportunities so they can implement the theoretical part of their learning. This will enlighten them with real-work environment of knowledge and practice converge.
In addition to educational experience, internship allows undergraduates to build their personal portfolio and resume of educational and work experience.
Any kind of exposure added to the resume is helpful, but career-relevant internship will make a better impression on employers. This will give undergraduates a “plus point” upon graduation and when applying for a job.
Likewise, internship is an opportunity for undergraduates to build their network with employers and gain new resources. During internship, undergraduates can interact with many people who will be potential contacts for their network and could be a referral when seeking a job later on. It also could be a good time for graduates to promote themselves.
A lot of advantages could be acquired from internship, but unfortunately undergraduates are not given enough opportunities to test the waters of real life.
Perhaps some higher education institutions are not according this matter importance, although it’s of great value to undergraduates. Some of those institutions, especially private ones, are only concerned about the quantity more than the quality of their outcomes. Making a business out of the students’ fees is what matters to them.
Institutions should promote internship programmes for undergraduates. Dedicated employees should be assigned to support them to get internship opportunities based on his/ her field of study. For some specialisations, completing certain hours of internship could be a prerequisite for some courses.
In a bid to bring well-educated and trained graduates, internship opportunities shall be offered to all undergraduates. Mutual coordination should be maintained between higher education institutions and employers in both government and private sectors.
Besides giving an edge and making their resumes look good, internships offer other advantages to undergraduates. Through internship, students can get a first-hand experience of work environment.
Dear graduates and undergraduates, internship experience is what will differentiate you from your colleagues when applying for a job.
Thus, chase all possible opportunities to obtain relevant experience and enrich your portfolio.