Govt vehicles told to use M91 petrol only

Fahad Al Ghadani –
Muscat, Jan. 12 –

All government vehicles will have to use M91 petrol, unless the vehicle is manufactured to use M95 type only, according to a new circular issued by the Ministry of Financial Affairs.
The circular states that all government vehicles should be fuelled by M91 petrol by coordinating with different petrol stations.
The circular also stressed that all government bodies should activate the use of fuel cards with limited use of fuel for each vehicle.
The current fuel cards should also be changed with the new ones with details of the vehicles, including plate numbers of the vehicles, amount of fuel allotted for each vehicle and the type of petrol, as the ministry has already communicated the oil distributing companies in Oman to facilitate the card change process.
Using M95 petrol should be included for vehicles manufactured to use this type of fuel and a proof should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance, according to the circular.
The circular, signed by Darwish bin Ismaeel al Balushi, Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs, stated that the decision has been made to cushion the economy which is struggling due to drop in oil prices.
Last year, the ministry issued a circular stating that government vehicles should be tracked in an attempt to control expenditure as the ministry had noticed an increase in the expenses incurred by government vehicles recently.
All government bodies were asked to install tracking system in government vehicles, according to a financial circular issued by the ministry.
The ministry said that the decision has been taken to cushion the economy as the expenditure on fuel has gone up, including maintenance of government vehicles.