Google AutoDraw turns doodles into art

Not everyone is born with excellent artistic abilities. At some point in one’s life, those who are artistically challenged have had to endure good-natured ribbing from friends and family.
However, Google is not one to judge as it gives everyone an opportunity to transform their clumsy doodles into works of art. How? Meet AutoDraw, Google’s new machine learning web-based drawing tool.
While one doodles on a blank sheet in AutoDraw, the machine-learning in the app pairs the sketch and suggests possible matching options to the artist. The doodler can then choose one of the various suggested options, which match with what he/she was actually aiming to draw.
AutoDraw is touted as “fast drawing for everyone.” The layout of the application is quite similar to that of Microsoft Paint, where users are provided with options to draw and colour the artwork.
In the web-based sketching tool, the user can choose between the AutoDraw and Draw options. In the AutoDraw option, Google’s machine learning will display choices for the drawing one is attempting to create.
If an individual chooses the Draw option, they will be able to doodle or simply draw without Google throwing up any suggestions of what the sketch may be.
Google states that AutoDraw works by comparing the drawing on the app with an existing database of pictures, which have been prepared in association with some selected artists the company worked with.