Good Samaritans come forward amid Covid-19 crisis

SALALAH: Things become easy when the community comes forward in times of crisis and gives helping hand to people in need. The Covid-19 crisis took everyone by surprise. By the time people could understand the gravity of the situation, restrictions were in place to block the coronavirus chain.

Good Samaritans came forward in aid of some affected workers either by asking them not to pay house rent for a couple of months or by providing essential commodities or food packets arranged from restaurants on discounted rates.

At least two Omani house owners have assured some barbershop and laundry workers not to pay accommodation rent for a couple of months with a hope that the situation would become normal by that time.

“I feel for them because in such a situation they cannot work and I know they hardly have any savings. In my own limited capacity I decided not to charge rent during this time,” said one of the house owners and insisted not to put his name ‘for this small thing.”

Similarly, Dr Sandeep Ojha, faculty member at Salalah College of Applied Science, felt for the workers of the barber shops and laundries soon after the restrictions imposed on them.

“Immediately I contacted a restaurant and convinced its owner of their situation. He agreed to give food packets on discounted rate and I started sponsoring four meals to four workers per day.”

He made efficient use of WhatsApp groups and announced if anyone wanted to help the workers out. Three more agreed to join and now this group is offering daily meals to 30 workers.

“Since the restaurant was ready to give only 13 food packets, we arranged groceries to rest of the people,” said Dr Ojha with a hope that the initiative will continue till the situation normalises.