The good, the bad and the ugly

By Sayeh Woodman — Are the trending diets and superfoods really that good for you?  Let’s digest the latest food fads and learn from the conversation I had with my nutritionist.  Yes, I’ve had a good telling off, been told I’ve been bad. …And it’s back to the slog ugly workouts and binging! It’s like a hamsters wheel; I just forever keep going round in that circle!  Let’s get back on it! Again!
Avocado on toast – on wholegrain bread is the perfect way to sneak in healthy mono-saturated fats.  This type of fat can lower cholesterol levels in the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Sweet potato is great in puddings and pancakes and lots more! As well as being tasty, they contain vitamin A and C.   I must say, when it come to the best chip ever, I would always go for a sweet potato fries than potato.
Quitting sugar – that seems such a task, especially when you’re a binge eater?!
But it really has to be done.  Whilst small amounts of sugar is fine, too much sends your insulin levels in chaos, and contributes to weight gain, diabetes and potentially liver and heart disease as well.  So, it’s a wise idea to continue to cut down your sugar intake. A drastic change but needs to be done.
Meal replacements are actually encouraged, rather than skipping a meal altogether.  Skipping a meal and replacing it with a shake is a quick, portable and convenient way to eat on the go and you can achieve good results if you drink protein shakes as meal replacements.  If you can incorporate Matcha powder into your smoothies then, it is an added bonus.  This powder contains lots of anti-oxidants that can protect against cancer, heart disease and ageing, as well as provide you an energy boost.
Cauliflower rice is a low carb alternative to rice.  It has more dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals that both white and brown rice and takes next to no time to prepare.
Crash cleansing – detox tea is a popular trend with many brand enjoying celebrity endorsements.  It is claimed that detox tea aids health and energises you from the inside out, much easier than sweating out at the gym.
However, research suggests that rapid weight loss from crash cleansing actually slows the metabolism while depriving the body of essential nutrients and can lead to future weight gain.
Crash diets can weaken the immune system, cause dehydration, heart palpitations and cardiac stress.  The only way to cleanse you body from toxins is to stop eating them so always check food labels for additives and before you chow down.
So no matter how jam-packed your schedule is, its time to feel good with the healthy on the go snacks as well.  Oatcakes can be your best sources of energy when you’re on the go.  Whereas a sugary chocolate bar or even a packet of crisps can give you a quick energy lift followed by a slump, oats release energy slowly, keeping you going for longer.
Almonds are high in fibre, healthy fats and protein, and low in carbohydrate’s this means they’re satisfying and filling.
Raw chocolate – Everyone loves a chocolate indulgence but your average chocolate bar can e little more than a sugar hit.  For a healthier option without compromising on flavour or indulgence, try raw chocolate.  Cacao itself is a super food, its high in minerals such as magnesium and, particularly in its raw form, is rich in antioxidants as well.  If you chose a dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao, it’s relatively low in sugar.
Let’s start today, there’s no such thing as tomorrow, so I’ve been told!