Golfing in the Himalayas


With monkeys as caddies. A lifetime experience!

It is over a century old with a delightful British legacy linked to its name. So besotted was home-sick Lord Curzon, who served as Viceroy to India, with these misty mountains covered in lofty cedars and oaks, that he designed a golf course and named his daughter ‘Naldera’ after the place.

Golf bag slung over my shoulder, I spiritedly trekked the short distance, through the misty mountains, from the Woodstock Resort, that is a crows-flight from the golf course, with the owner of the resort, fondly know as PJ, who is a Canadian national and keen golfer.
And there it was – a vast expanse of emerald green, undulating over hills and dales that made for the exotic beauty of this challenging 7000 feet above sea level golf course.
My honour, I tee-up for my drive, on the first Tee; off flies my golf ball, to encouraging murmurs of appreciation from fellow golfers.
Then it happens.
What, you ask?
My vocal cords are frozen, finally, I croak, in a voice that belongs to a stranger.
“Monkeys, my golf ball,’” I shrieked.
But no one bats an eyelid! And so the story unfolds.

I looked around beseechingly at my fellow golfers. As I watched a simian disappear with my golf ball, only to see it run towards the nearest Putting Green, and deposit it closest to the Pin. Wow!
I experienced the most unusual and hilarious sights.
Incredulous but true, simians descend on the golf course when the golfers go out for a game, and enjoy the sport as much as their two-legged friends.
Golf clubs are not an issue with the simians, and neither do they scare them away. Their game is, ‘alright, two-legged friends, the first stroke is yours, the second stroke is ours. We use our hands, you use your golf clubs!’
They help the golfers by picking up the golf ball and throwing it on the Putting Green!
These are the lowest golf scores I have witnessed in my lifetime.
Albatross! Eagles! and Birdies! are the norms of the game.
Scores yet to be rivaled by the likes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. ‘Au Revoir, PGA’!!
It is your turn now, to experience, simians are the ‘new BALL Caddies & Champs of the Game’!