Global gas industry executives weigh outlook for gas

The prestigious Gas Processors Associations’ (GPA) 26th Annual Technical Conference — a joint conference and exhibition by GPA Gulf Cooperation Council (GPA — GCC) and GPA Europe Chapters — began here yesterday under the auspices of Salim al Aufi, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Oil & Gas. Oman LNG is the key sponsor of the event, which has attracted a large number of senior level executives and gas experts from the global gas industry.
The conference, themed ‘Enhancing Safety, Integrity and Efficiency Gas Processing’, comprises a number of workshops and meetings. It provides an opportunity for officials, decision-makers and specialists in the gas sector to share knowledge, raise awareness and discuss the strategic options and solutions offered by natural gas suppliers and service providers in terms of sustainability of energy availability and its pivotal role in social and economic development.
The main conference was preceded by the technical workshops, which gave an opportunity for government representatives and industry professionals to share knowledge, raise awareness and to discuss technical enhancements and safety challenges when processing natural gas.
Holding an event of this magnitude enables the wonders that Oman has in abundance — from its strategic geographic location, well-developed venues to the beautiful natural splendours — to be showcased internationally.
“Over the course of the next few days, we look forward to learning from each other and sharing knowledge. With over 200 senior leaders, partners and experts in the gas industry here with us, we have an invaluable opportunity to discuss the role of natural gas today, and in the near future.
There is no doubt new insights and added-value will be brought to the global gas industry,” Harib al Kitani, Chief Executive Officer of Oman LNG, shared.
Oman supplies a critical three per cent of liquefied natural gas to meet demand in international LNG trade and its volumes are pivotal in keeping the balance of supply and demand.
GPA, established in 1921 in the USA, creates industry standards around technology and procedures for processing natural gas.
Over the years it has expanded internationally and has four international Chapters; Europe, Venezuela, GCC, and Canada. Since its establishment in 1993, the GPA-GCC Chapter serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, technology, and information to help benefit both the upstream and downstream Gas Processing industries, and their suppliers, with a view toward improving plant operations, and Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance in the GCC countries.