GlassPoint spotlights solar technology at OGWA 2018

GlassPoint Solar, the leading supplier of solar energy to the oil and gas industry, is participating at the 11th edition of Oman’s Oil and Gas Exhibition (OGWA). GlassPoint is demonstrating its innovative solar steam technology now being deployed on oilfields around the world to reduce operating costs and save natural gas consumed in the production of heavy oil.
GlassPoint is launching its latest 360 virtual reality video tour of Miraah, its landmark project with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) that began operating last year. The virtual reality experience allows visitors to immerse themselves within one of the world’s largest solar energy projects, experiencing GlassPoint’s technology first-hand.
GlassPoint also released a new technical paper on the integration of Miraah with conventional steam facilities. The first 100 MW of the gigawatt-scale project were commissioned safely, on time and in line with budget, and is meeting all targets for steam output required by the Amal oilfield.
Marwan Chaar, Vice-President of Project Development, GlassPoint Solar, said, “GlassPoint’s proven technology delivers the lowest-cost solar steam for thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations, freeing valuable natural gas typically used in the process.”
“We’re continuing to come down the cost curve as we execute on additional Miraah blocks and plan for future projects. In the first four blocks alone, we’ve already achieved over 55 per cent cost savings compared to the pilot we built back in 2012,”
he added.