Girls explore their talents, potentials at Al Dakhiliyah camps

NIZWA, Aug 4 – Activities of the Girls Club Camps in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah for 2018 ended on Wednesday evening at Nizwa Sports Complex. Girls Club Camps in Nizwa is one of the five camps implemented by the Ministry of Sports Affairs. The camps, which began on July 28, ran for six days. A total of 75 girls between the ages of 18 and 25 years from various states and clubs participated in the camps. The closing ceremony was held under the auspices of Dr Raya al Mandhari, Member of the State Council, in the presence of Saadah al Ismaili, the General Supervisor of the camp. The event saw an exhibition of products made by girls participating in workshops.
Workshops at the camps provided sufficient information, besides helping in the exchange of knowledge. Horiya bint Khalfan al Busaidi from the Engineering Village of Nizwa held a training course on ‘scratch programme’ at the Girls Club Camps in Nizwa.
Al Busaidi said, “We are seeking to convey the message that they should work hard and benefit from technology in a positive way.”
Zainab al Bahrani, leader of the Trainers Association, presented a course on magic leadership. It focused on the concept of leadership and the characteristics of a successful leader.
A creative cultural evening was held, which included sports, recreational and cultural events. Al Ikhaa group presented a play, which displayed the talents and potential of the girls. A variety of activities were conducted, including singing, gymnastics and painting.
Nada bint Jumaa al Saadi, a participant from Musannah, was happy that she took part in the electronics workshop. She said practical applications contributed to understanding electronics engineering in the environment we live in.
A discussion on ‘The dangers of electronic extortion’ was conducted by Dr Muna al Shukaili, Psychiatry Counselling for Children and Adolescents. She pointed out the importance of educating girls about blackmail.
A lecture on ‘Raising the meeting for girls’, was given by Maimuna bint Said al Suleimani, a lawyer and media specialist in commercial law.
A wood technology workshop was presented by Salim bin Said al Huzami. He taught the girls about the tools used for cutting wood and sculpting it.
Scratch workshop is a programme specialising in programming, moving games and the manufacture of electronic characters. Participants learned about the basics of the programme and how to use it.
The participants visited Nizwa Fort and Hisn Al Shumookh library to learn about the historical and cultural landmarks of the governorate. They visited the entertainment centre in Manah, where an adventure programme was organised.
The camp also participated in social work, including visiting sick children in the hospital. The participants gave gifts to these children and entertained them.
Another group re-designed a special playground at Al Wafa Rehabilitation Centres for Disabled Children.
The camp hosted some inspirational personalities, whose experiences and success stories were presented to the participants in order to motivate them. Zahra al Aufi was invited as a model for women’s struggle.
Sumayah Amboali, while sharing her experiences, spoke about the difficulties she faced till she became an internationally accredited trainer.
Noor bint Abdullah al Naabi, a graduate from Higher Technical College specialising in the engineering of medical devices, presented her successful experience to the participants when she achieved success in Injaz Oman Competition 2016.