Getting ready for the future

NIZWA, April 1  –
Dr Khalifa bin Hamad al Saadi, the Governor of the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, led a prominent delegation in Nizwa on Sunday, as he put it, “To give regional people and organisations an opportunity to be heard on matters of the future national interest,” as he launched the ‘Oman 2040’ initiative at the hinterland’s regional level following similar recent presentations in Al Buraimi and Khasab.
Other key guests included the Chancellor of the University of Nizwa, Dr Ahmed bin Khalfan al Rawahi, Dr Hilal bin Said al Yahyae, Member of the Majlis Ash’shura and Bahla representative, Khalfan al Naeli, Member of the State Council, and Dr Saleh al Busaidi, Member of the State Council.
Prominent local tourism and hospitality identity, Sundeep Jaitly, General Manager and CEO of the Golden Tulip Nizwa, hosted and welcomed a large attendance to the symposium in the shadow of Jabal Akdhar, saying, “We are delighted, as part of our ongoing community outreach programme, to welcome these participants from such diverse backgrounds, and of course, enthusiastically support such an important policy presentation.” The symposium included a meeting of all attendees in the morning, who took a light lunch, and then split into three smaller discussion groups for the afternoon session.
Dr Al Saadi explained that the consultative process will reach far and wide as the government seeks effective forward planning and development in line with the key objectives of ‘Oman 2040,’ saying, “We want to take the opinions of these, and in fact all people, their thoughts, ideas, and to seek wider input on the economic strategies and social priorities for the Sultanate. We will consider the contributions of everyone, including the secondary school, colleges and university students, as they will be the ones who are at the forefront of this ‘vision,’ in twenty-two years’ time. We want to include our people, to give them a chance to be heard, in making the best decisions going forward to the future.”
‘Oman 2040,’ is a series of nationwide discussions with three key themes, the foremost being ‘People and Society,’ which will focus on families, community health and well-being, maintaining Omani identity and heritage, and developing national technical and entrepreneurial capabilities.
The Economy and Development portfolio seeks to create wealth through economic diversification and private sector partnerships, balanced governorate development, the preservation of environmental sustainability, and the provision of world class infrastructure and livable cities. While finally, there is an emphasis on improved governance and institutional performance, leading to greater transparency and accountability.
Dr Al Saadi said, “These objectives were set with significant consultation and contributions from outside stakeholders, NGO’s and private interests, with the net cast wide for those initial objectives, as this is a process we are determined to get as many participants as we can, to formulate an effective plan. To get it right! We are inspired by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the primary architect of Oman 2040, to meet with as many people as we can, in a truly consultative manner, seeking what is best for the nation, for the future of Oman.”