Gathering on beaches, public places not permitted

MUSCAT: Lifting lockdown and opening up of commercial activities does not mean there is relaxation also on gatherings. The restrictions on gatherings taken to prevent Covid-19 are still there, reminds an official of Royal Oman Police.

On Wednesday morning beach goers at the Qurum were requested to go home by the authorities.  “Till yesterday evening I came for walk and it seemed okay, but this morning people were asked to leave,” said a regular visitor to the beach for daily walk.

People who were in the water and swimming were also asked to leave, said a bystander.

An official from Royal Oman Police said, “The regulations are very much in place and gatherings are strictly not allowed.  People who want to exercise should maintain two-meter distance with others.  The fines are still in place.  It is important that we maintain the caution in place.”

The official clarified, “While people can walk for fitness at the beach individually or in pair with a two meter distance between each other, a group of five individuals and more, who are not family members, is considered a violation.  And if the crowd gets bigger the public will be requested to disperse and this is not just for beaches but any public place.

The trend towards lack of caution has been noticed in many places in almost all of the governorates the official pointed out.

The fine for being in public without a mask is RO 20 and being part of a gathering sees a fine of RO 100 each person.

Oman continues to fight the pandemic with 64 new admissions to hospital on Wednesday a day that saw Sultanate take a break from 1000 confirmed cases a day registering still 810 new cases.  At present 102 individuals are in ICU battling it out with Covid-19.

As people began to go back to work there has been an overall increase in movement but experts say that the public must move towards normalcy cautiously.

Last month the Public Prosecution of Oman had defined the fines against violations of the Supreme Committee decisions and instructions on Covid-19.  The Public Prosecution also accorded the right of reconciliation to the Royal Oman Police, which may impose a direct fine on the violator at the moment of committing the violation or carry out legal procedures.

Attending gatherings such as funerals, places of worship or any other type could lead up to a fine of RO 1,500.

Any gathering of five or more people in one area without family links will be considered a violation of the decisions of the Supreme Committee.