Futuristic AI-powered LCD sun visor will end squinting

Las Vegas: Bosch on Sunday unveiled a virtual visor inspired by LCD televisions which uses AI to block the glare of the sun from a driver’s eyes, a major cause of road accidents. The Virtual Visor uses algorithms and a camera to analyse what the driver is seeing through its liquid crystal display and darkens the section through which the sunlight is hitting their eyes, the German engineering giant said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The rest of the display remains transparent, blocking the sun without obscuring a large section of the driver’s field of vision.

“You could be driving right towards the sun and you would still be able to see adequately,” said Jason Zink, one of the engineers on the project, as the company unveiled the product at the show that hosts around 4,500 exhibitors pitching designs to 175,000 attendees searching for innovations of the future. Bosch cited studies including one from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicating sun glare is responsible for thousands of accidents each year. — AFP