Fresh safety guidelines issued for ferries to Masirah Island

Muscat: To regulate the operations of the ferries operating between Shanna Harbour and Masirah Island and to preserve maritime safety, the Ministry of Transport Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) has issued the following instructions.

It is prohibited to load gas and fuel transport vehicles with other vehicles.

It is prohibited to load construction materials trucks with other vehicles.

It is allowed to load vehicles transporting gas, fuel, and construction materials with trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Always leave safe distances between cars, according to the flooring lines in each ferry.

Commitment to the permissible limit of the ferry s load.

Always close the ferry door during the voyage.

Issuing a transport card for all vehicles and trucks indicating the type of vehicle, its number, the transportation fee, and the shipowner’s liability.

Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Insurance that covers liability for damage to vehicles, people, and wrecks removal

Ferry operators should give priority to maintaining maritime safety in all circumstances.

The harbor supervisors at both sides will follow up on the implementation of this order.

Whoever violates this circular will be subject to legal action and ferry suspension.