French media hails Oman as ‘Hidden Treasure of the East’

PARIS: French media described the Sultanate as the hidden treasure of the East. It pointed out that Oman is between the Middle East and Asia, which keeps its secrets, but also shares its culture and nature.
The Marie Claire magazine, the most famous French women’s magazine published in different languages from several European countries, said that “Muscat continues to be a witness of the wonderful civilisation blend of authenticity and contemporary in traditional houses, castles and domes of mosques, which are evidence of the great cultural richness. It added, “Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the country, stands between tradition and modernity. It is built of sandstone and marble stone in a contemporary architectural style that respects the traditional Islamic style and includes some priceless pieces.”
The magazine described Nizwa city as an ancient capital teeming with activity and historic markets and a destination visited by tourists to enjoy the cultural heritage, which the Sultanate is famous for in comparison to other countries in the region.
The magazine highlighted the beauty of nature in the Sultanate, especially the areas with many wadis, such as Wadi Bani Khalid, date palms, fruit plantations and luxury tourist camps in Rimal Al Sharqiya.