Foundation stone laid for administration, facility building in Samail Industrial City

Samail: The foundation stone for the administration and facility building at Samail Industrial City, which pertains to the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, was laid on Wednesday under the auspices of Dr Khalifa bin Hamad al Saadi, Governor of Al Dakhiliyah and in the presence of Hilal bin Hamad al Hasani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Madayn.

Dr Al Saadi emphasised that this project comes in line with the government’s efforts to advance the comprehensive and sustainable development in the various governorates of the Sultanate. “The project also represents a great importance to the Wilayat of Samail in general and the industrial city in particular.

In fact, the project shall complete the infrastructure and provide main services for the workforce in the existing and future projects without having to travel for long distances or move to another governorate,” Dr Al Saadi noted.

Speaking at the event, Eng Dawood bin Salim al Hadabi, Director General of Samail Industrial City, noted that the administration and facility building shall provide a range of services and facilities required by the investors. “In order to meet the requirements of the investors, the building will offer a variety of services under one roof and will include the administration of Samail Industrial City as well.

This will make the services be provided in an effective and fast manner,” Eng Al Hadabi said, adding: “The building will offer a range of services associated with the industrial work including space dedicated to public and private bodies, commercial stores, banks, international cafes and restaurants, space for telecom companies, rental space, among other services.”

Eng Al Hadabi added that Samail Industrial City has witnessed a remarkable development during the last period as the volume of investment has touched nearly RO 80 million and the localised projects has reached 176. “Moreover, the number of workforce in the industrial city has increased to more than 1043, with an Omanisation rate touching 29 per cent.

These figures are expected to increase once several factories enter the production phase as they are now under construction. Work on these projects is expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of this year. Besides, completion of infrastructure work this year shall contribute to an increase in the number of localised companies, attract more foreign companies, and consequently offer job opportunities for the nationals from the Wilayat of Samail and the nearby wilayats as well,” he remarked.

According to its director general, Samail Industrial City aims at providing a number of services within the industrial city, in cooperation with partners from the public and private sectors. These services include residential project for the workforce, civil defence centre to enhance the safety of facilities, a building of check-up service for expatriate employees, among other services.

On his part, Eng Musallam al Hudaifi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Madayn’s investment arm – Shumookh Investment and Services Company, elaborated that the administration and facility building at Samail Industrial City is a continuation of the efforts made by Shumookh to offer services and facilities that encourage local, regional and international investments in the various industrial cities pertaining to Madayn. “In order to facilitate the growth of Oman’s industrial sector and attract new investments, we need to focus on the social aspects and build an integrated community that includes housing, marketing facilities, healthcare, education and other services,” Eng Al Hudaifi stated.

He added that the administration and facility building is part of the projects developed by Shumookh and that the cost of developing the building at Samail Industrial City is estimated at around RO 4.5 million and the total building area is 16,000 sqm. The project will consist of 8 floors (ground + 7 floors) with a rental area reaching 12,280 sqm, which will offer various services for the workforce in Samail Industrial City and neighbouring areas.

“This project comes following the development of a similar facility building at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), which was inaugurated in February 2016, and in Suhar Industrial City. The latter will be officially inaugurated in the next few months,” Eng Al Hudaifi informed.

Meanwhile, he said, work is underway to develop facility buildings in Al Rusayl Industrial City and Al Mazunah Free Zone. He also noted that Shumookh is encouraging small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are registered at the Public Authority for SMEs Development (Riyada) to present their construction related proposals to the main contractor of the project – Overseas Company.

With the rapidly growing industry in the Sultanate and to achieve the future vision (Oman 2020), Madayn through its investment arm – Shumookh aspires to develop the infrastructure of its industrial cities to ensure the overall work environment and life quality for everyone.

Madayn also aims at developing globally competitive industrial infrastructure to realise the best environment for the growth of industries in Oman, attracting investments and strategic local, regional and international partnerships to boost the economic movement in the country, and improving the national income through creating job opportunities for the national manpower.

Samail Industrial City is divided into several sectors for the localisation of a number of industries. The industrial city embraces food industry, plastic materials industry, steel industry; marble industry; building materials industry; and other industries comprising chemicals, glass, wood, fiberglass, and supporting services sector (eg warehouses). -ONA


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