Fortifying human bonds

The holy month of Ramadhan urges believers to revisit their relations with their fellow beings and spread the fragrance of bonhomie around.
Shouldering the onus of connecting people, individuals, organisations and corporates have been going on an iftar spree, bringing together people from different walks of life and making the iftar venues a melting pot of diverse cultures.
Social iftars are literally being held in every known hotels where companies are offering a networking opportunity for their stakeholders and well-wishers.
Big local corporate honchos like Oman Tel, Ooredoo, Infiniti, Suhol al Fayha, Khimjis, PMA International, Hormuz Grand, SAP, OSHRM, various diplomatic missions, PR agencies, Traccs, Indian Schools, hospitals, and a number of other organisations are making the most of the holy month and have gathered their well wishers to a networking aimed at building bonds against the backdrop of iftars.
“Islam attaches paramount importance to unity, sharing and give-and-take so that human race will live in peace and flourish setting models for the generations to come”, said Hatim Abdussalam, an Islamic scholar.
“Making iftar gatherings to enhance relationships with different people, sharing the spirit of the holy month and feeling the hunger of your next door neighbour, friend or colleague and to show solidarity with them can certainly make the world a better place to live in.”
Underlining the true spirit of Ramadhan, Said al Shahry and Partners, an Omani civil advocacy firm, and SASLO Legal Training Center jointly made a difference to the traditional iftar for the members of their staff, clients and their families by hosting it at the residence of a non-Muslim staff member.
“This is an annual event which has evolved over the years from a traditional staff event when members of the staff and their families brought specialties from their own countries and shared their cultural practices in their own country”, said Said al Shahry, Managing Partner of SASLO and Founder of SLTC.
In celebration of Ramadhan, Sheraton Oman and the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn hosted grand corporate iftars which were attended by nearly 250 guests from different sectors including government, finance, and embassies. They were organised to express gratitude for the long association and continued support to their brands, according to spokespersons.
These mass iftar gatherings, social or community iftars as they are called, can undoubtedly promote the true spirit of Ramadhan and create a bond among staff members from different nationalities, linguistic backgrounds and religious faiths and make the world more harmonious and peaceful.