Al Khabourah Fort restoration project continues

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Heritage and Culture, represented by the Directorate General of Archeology and Museums, continues the restoration works of Al Khabourah Fort, which has been affected by salinity and humidity on its internal and external walls and facilities due to the proximity of the fort from the coastal strip of the Sea of Oman.
Suleiman bin Hamad al Subhi, Director of the Department of Restoration and Maintenance at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, said in a statement to ONA that restoration work of the fort began on December 14, 2014 and is expected to complete during the third quarter of 2017.
He adding that one of the companies specialized in the field of restoration, directly supervised by the Department of Restoration and Maintenance, is carrying out the restoration work with a total cost of RO 170,000.
He pointed out that the restoration includes maintenance of the upper rooms of the fort, the round and square tower, stores and public utilities and internal external walls.
Al Khabourah Fort is considered one of the historic sites in the Governorate of North Al Batinah
and will be added after the
completion of the restoration work to the tourist system in this wilayat to form an important milestone with the rest of the sites in the governorate.