Food festival highlights Singapore’s dishes

Singaporean delicacies have not travelled very far from that of Middle Eastern and Asian sub-continent for that matter. No wonder, the varied gastronomic delights from this island city-state known as a melting pot of cuisines, are a highly sought-after cuisine in Oman. Delicacies from the state of Singapore, off southern Malaysia, incorporate a rich heritage of food dishes influenced by China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.
A rare retreat of its unique dishes will be for a grab at the Singapore Food Festival from September 6 to 12 that is garnished by a true slice of this island city for the yearning visitors. “The Singapore Food Festival would showcase our food heritage and multi-cultural traditions”, Edmund Chia (pictured), Consul-General at the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Muscat has told Oman Daily Observer over a Tete a Tete.
Out of the various attractions, a highly skilled chef from Marriott Singapore would be ready to mix and match the visitors’ taste buds to give the best experience.
“A renowned chef from Singapore will be working with chefs from Sheraton Oman Hotel to offer an exciting selection of Singaporean cuisine, using the best of local Omani produce in popular Singaporean recipes”, Chia added.
Singapore By Hotels suggest a number of dishes that are gastronomically gratifying. Hainanese Chicken Rice tops the list for its unique preparation. Steamed chicken served with rice cooked in chicken stock is an all-time favourite dish makes for a quick, fulfilling lunch. The quality of chicken stock is crucial to this dish, and one can tell by the steamed rice oozing with flavour and a fragrant aroma. Pour some dipping sauce over the chicken and give it a go.
Singaporean dishes are also known for their attention to halal foods to cater to the people from this part of the world. With demand for Singaporean foods multiplied several times globally, the country has introduced Singapore Halal Certification, a system of Halal regulation that’s widely recognised both in Singapore and throughout the South East Asia region.
“This one-week long food festival will be a sure shot to let you try some of the best authentic dishes from Singapore that have mesmerised generations over a period of time”, the chef noted.
Sheraton Oman’s Singapore Food Festival will offer a variety of exotic dishes to unravel and explore. Guests can sample Mod-Sin cuisine, Singaporean Rojak, Classic Laksa, Grilled Seafood, Traditional Satay and Stir-fried Specialties; to name but a few.
“We look to welcome street food enthusiasts and fans of Asian cuisine, as well as newcomers looking to try the flavours of the Southeast for their first time!” – Anand Ganesan, General Manager, Sheraton Oman Hotel.
The concept of the Singapore Food Festival is to celebrate one of the world’s most popular cuisines with live chef’s tables, cooking stations and interactive dining. Local noodle fanciers and connoisseurs of Asian cuisine can expect to be welcomed with distinctive style, tradition and attentive service. From the live Singapore Sling station to the charismatic décor throughout the Courtyard, expect to be transported to the bustling streets of Singapore and indulge with unlimited dishes and beverages to pair.