Follow these steps, stay safe during storm

MUSCAT, May 23 – Hamed al Barashdi, a weather expert, says some precautions must be taken before and during the storm to insure safety. Before the storm, people should make sure that the building is safe, windows and doors can be closed firmly, surrounding trees can be cut to avoid them falling down on the house. People should ensure to have first aid kit at the house, sufficient amount of water and choose the safest room for shelter. People should follow official weather updates. During the storm, Al Barashdi says, keep away from low lands, wadis and beaches. Cooperate with competent authorities during evacuation. Keep torches at home, store drinking water in safe containers. Avoid going out of the house unless absolutely necessary. Disconnect all electrical appliances. Keep calm and help others. Leave the car at a safe place. After the storm, ensure the safety of the family, avoid leaving the shelter unless the authorities allow it, stay away from the affected areas, beware of broken glass and dangling wires, and remove debris.

Mai al Abria