Folding smartphone unveiled

SAN FRANCISCO: Samsung announced a major new phone at an app developers’ conference in San Francisco — and it’s finally the foldable smartphone we’ve all been waiting for.
During the keynote, Justin Denison, SVP of mobile product marketing, presented a “disguised” device, saying the company did not want to reveal the entire look yet.
However, viewers were able to get a quick glimpse of a rather thick-looking phone that folds out to become a fully-fledged tablet, without any sign of hinge or crease on the screen’s folding axis.
The South Korean tech giant also provided some information about how they were able to create the device. The display is covered not by glass, which is notoriously inflexible, but by what Samsung has called an “Infinity Flex Display,” which also uses an adhesive that, according to Samsung, allows the screen to be folded several thousand times without any degradation.
The company also announced that the Infinity Flex Display could also be adapted to be rollable and flexible — and that they were ready to begin production of the displays within the next few months. — dpa