Focus on exploring earth’s mantle for diamonds

A workshop on ‘Diamonds and Recycled Mantle’, organised as part of the 5th IGCP-649, began at Sultan Qaboos University on Wednesday.
The event is sponsored by Unesco, IUGS, ICGP-649 Project, Sultan Qaboos University, Institute of Geology at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China, and Nanjing University.
The IGCP 649 seeks to investigate if diamonds are present in the mantle of the earth, or do they only exist in isolated mantle domains.
The event consists of a two-day workshop at SQU and an eight-day field trip to investigate the ophiolite and chromite in the Fanja-Al Khoudh-Somarah, Ibra and Maqsad area, southwest of Muscat, Wadi Al Jizzi volcanics, copper and chromite mines in Suhar area, and chromite, carbonatite and ultramafic lamprophyre in eastern Oman ophiolite.