Focus on digital footprint

MUSCAT, SEPT 17 – Small, medium and large companies as well as the government should be online along with people, according to Marcelo Cacciola, Chief Strategist, Digital 0101. He was speaking at the two-day Oman E-Commerce Conference in partnership with Ministry of Commerce and Industry, co-hosted by Ominvest. The event, which brought together various speakers addressing different aspects of e-commerce, was themed ‘Everything Online’.

“Not many people realise that every time we are going to our website, our phone, when we send a message, video, when we chat, we are leaving what we call a digital footprint,” he said. A digital footprint is our digital life and how people perceive us — how people see and check our lives, he explained. “When we look at the mirror we see an image of whom we think we are, but in the digital world it is different because the world is full of different perceptions and accordingly we have to manage our reputation, image on the digital footprint and that is what we put on Facebook, Instagram, our profile on LinkedIn.

When we have a company, the company has a website and ideally the website has to be like a home — it has to be clean and we open the door for friends and ensure that everything is working and it is the same with the website,” pointed out Marcelo. Most of the companies live comfortable feeling they are online. But actually who is doing the updates and maintenance? Does the website work well on the Android and Apple phones? Is the website secure? Basic questions that not many people know must be asked to the web designer or IT experts who are involved.

“The fact is social media is here to stay for a very long time. Like it or not, in today’s world it has more power than the traditional media. Bill Gates in 1996 said content is the king, but the truth is today more than half of the content is made by regular people and not by editors. That is the challenge media companies are facing in the world currently,” concluded the speaker at the Oman E-Commerce Conference.