Flights allowed over Empty Quarter

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) has opened new routes in Oman’s airspace.
The new routes will allow the passage of commercial flights bound for Southern Oman, North Sharqiyah, Al Wusta, and South Africa and Saudi Arabia through the Empty Quarters (Rub’ al Khali) and Saudi Arabia.
The new decision is expected to cut a considerable amount of travel time and fuel costs, especially on flights from Oman to all GCC and several Arab countries.
These routes will enhance the efficiency and safety of air traffic management by diverting them to low-density areas. The project has been planned and implemented by the Omani staff at Public Authority for Civil Aviation.
Flights over the Empty Quarter were disallowed over the limitations to monitoring the movements of an aircraft over a wide desert stretch.
According to senior analyst in the Arab civil aviation sector, the airspace over Oman is among the busiest in the world and opening of the Empty Quarter stretch is very significant. The Middle East’s aviation market is forecast to grow by five percent by 2036.