Flattening the curve is everyone’s responsibility

Breaking the COVID-19 pandemic chain is everyone’s responsibility. It is tough for the people to live with the sudden change in routine, but this is the need of the hour and everyone has to live with it to flatten the curve.

Staying in isolation and quarantine has had its impact on people’s mind but there is no other way to break the chain. While there have been worries about social gathering for many, the concern has been the workplace as well.

“It is not fair to say corona is spreading because of socialising because at work we have seven confirmed cases and many others are showing symptoms. Everyone has been at work daily. In other similar office setups also employees have been continuing to work even when someone has been tested positive in their office. I am getting tested tomorrow,” a concerned bank employee said.

One of the major decisions came on Tuesday with the announcement of the lockdown from July 25.

Before this, there was an announcement on reducing the presence of staff in the government offices to 30 per cent.

Shopping malls and supermarkets also must not exceed a certain percentage of space occupation in the car park as well as the number of customers at the facility.

But one must go beyond legislation and take responsibility for breaking the chain, say health experts.

Dr Ahmed Yar Mohammed al Balushi, Director of Disease Surveillance and Control, Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health said, “Gathering has an impact whether it is at home, workplace or public places.

“Wherever there are people one must wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash hands with soap and water frequently,” urged Dr Ahmed.

“It is a huge change what people are going through,” said Dr Thamra al Ghafri, Director of Planning and Studies, Ministry of Health, “we are looking at a situation where everyone is held accountable.”

“It is not just a clinical dimension as it is not about getting sick and requiring health care.

It is also a dimension of staying away socially, economical stress that can cause others and not forget the mental disturbance on one’s mind that can cause resistance to the compliance with the instructions. But it also depends on how you want people to come on board in resisting overwhelming change.

I think we should accept the change and adhere to the instructions announced by the Supreme Committee.

These restrictions have been announced globally and I think we should go back to our roots to make sure we protect ourselves and our family,” Dr Thamra al Ghafri.

She pointed out the tremendous stress the health sector is going through now. If the transmission is slow the healthcare system will be able to serve you the way you deserve.

“But if we get a bulk of patients at one time simultaneously that would cause a huge healthcare burden.

So I think it is a responsibility to protect yourself and your family, your society and also the health care workers who have been working since December non-stop. I think it is very important to think of others who are involved directly in managing COVID-19. We are with you but what

we expect from the public is to protect them and give us a chance to serve you with better quality,” concluded Dr Thamra al Ghafri.