Fixed price for 3 main commodities

By Fahad Al Ghadani — MUSCAT: May 1 – The Public Authority of Stores and Food Reserves (PASFR) has set a fixed price for three main commodities. They include three types of rice, sugar and lentils. The authority has warned establishments and suppliers against changing the prices. Consumers have been asked to directly contact the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) in case they come across any violations. The three brands of rice include Pakistani, Thai and Indian types. The authority has listed out the maximum price that establishments or suppliers can charge for commodities. PASFR’s decision came in for appreciation on the social media.

Recently, the PACP announced that any establishment which wants to increase the price of its products needs to pay a fee now. They should also inform the authority, get the new prices approved and pay the stipulated fee. PACP is making additional efforts to ensure the prices of essential commodities are not increased during the month of Ramadhan. All hypermarkets and other retail outlets are ready to carry out special promotions during the month. They should offer Ramadhan baskets at the same price, failing which stern action will be taken against the erring retail outlets, said the PACP.