Five ways to safeguard your mental health during a pandemic

MUSCAT: Whether its banana-bread making or a new workout routine, all of us seem to have found ourselves in the midst a mental low, where life seems a bit down. In the Sultanate, we have all been spending a lot more time indoors since March, either social distancing or in self-isolation. And with the newly implemented mandatory lockdown, being away from friends and family along with the stress of life during a pandemic can really affect your mental health. We’re focused on trying to help the vulnerable where we can, staying updated with the most accurate information, and of course, coping. What can you do to lower your stress level and stay as sane as possible during preventative quarantine?

Limit Your News & Social Media Intake
— You may feel more stressed and even experience panic after reading the news. Decide which topics you need to know more about. Also, decide which topics you will stay away from because additional information either doesn’t help you or works against you. Be sure to keep updated with the rules and regulations being set out by the local authorities but sometimes a little more news can lead to a big meltdown of fear and anxiety. Keep it in moderation.

Be Easy On Yourself
— We are all just making this up as we go along. No one expects you to be a perfect parent and employee right now. Besides, being perfect at anything is nearly impossible. We’re all just doing the best we can. Have some downtime by video chatting with friends who help you feel better. And sometimes it is perfectly okay to sit on the couch in yoga pants and eat cookies. You and your family will be okay.

Find a new hobby or Try a free class
— The internet is a wonderful place, especially for those looking to pick up on an old hobby or learn a new one. Whether it’s on Youtube or online courses, now is the time. The internet also gives you the flexibility of doing lessons at your own time and space. So go on then, explore your options, find hobbies for you and your families to enjoy.

Become your own Masterchef
— Food means a lot to us. It provides comfort and nourishment, and it connects us with our families and communities. Whether you’re a passionate cook or a non-chef in need of guidance, Youtube, Pinterest or a quick google search with your available ingredients is the perfect way to make your time in the kitchen as easy, fun, and creative and healthy!

Check-in with your friends & family
—What we can’t afford to lose sight of: We’re all connected and in this pandemic together. With video calls now possible and us spending so much time in our own homes, it is easy to lose track of time, especially with the stress of this “new normal”.
Pick up your phone, tablet or laptop, send out a “hey, how are you” to friends and family, especially those you’ve seemed to have lost touch with. A little gesture could go a long way, making both your day and theirs a little bit less mundane.